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We Have Two Companies Working In The Transportation Sector

ATM Cargo Movers Private Limited :  Rail and Ship Transportation Sector

ATM Cargo Movers (R) :  Road Transportation Sector

Full Truck Load (FTL) administrations are a fortress of our own and shape part of the center contributions at the ATM Cargo Movers (R) Freight division, including start to finish multimodal transportation with stacking administrations catered through possessed and employed armada for mass products development on a skillet India premise. Choices incorporate a modified or concentrated armada for meeting clients' particular prerequisites. As a Full Truck Load specialist organization, we can evaluate your singular business needs to coordinate with a transporter that can oblige your shipment cutoff time in the most potential financially savvy way. Truth be told, transporters need to comprehend the focal and state regulations and prerequisites at travel designated spots for consistent development plainly. For transport financial aspects and for giving expense benefits to clients, the transporter additionally considers the sort of cargo that can be obliged in a similar trailer/truck or whether it should be sent independently in an alternate trailer/truck.




With an expansive experience in the field, ATM Cargo Movers (R) easy and affordable trucking solutions for all customers. Our Full-Truckload (FTL) logistics can help you with all your high volume and high capacity needs in a cost- and time-efficient manner.


Full-Truckload services are generally required by businesses that are looking to haul bulk items and heavy loads across long distances. Under the scope of these services, the entire available space in a truck is assigned to a single customer for shipping their goods. The Full-Truckload transport provided by ATM Cargo Movers (R) ensures that customers can avail one of the best services at competitive rates.